This book is a clear, concise guide that a psychotherapist could use to assist clients in reframing difficult life challenges into a Heroine journey narrative. Such a narrative would empower the client to resolve coflicts and disolve barriers thereby emerging as a self proclaimed heroine in her own story This book is a combination of well told stories followed by mapping of the narratives into the stepping stones of a heroine's juorney. I would recommend the application of this book as an accessible method of psychotherapy for ages 8 through adulthood.          --Jane E. Fink, CSW Psychotherapist.

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beyond the sword maiden

Dorothy Cleveland & Barbara Schutzgruber

Authors & Storytellers

A Storyteller's Introduction to

The Heroine's Journey

Writers, storytellers, therapists and counselors may use this book to generate stories about Heroes and, especially, about Heroines.

It provides templates for structuring these stories and offers sample stories to exemplify how the templates work within the stories.  

I attended the 2015 NSN Conference and your workshop on the heroine's journey was one of the most stimulating that I attended.
I've thought about it often.
-- Sandra Measles, Storyteller
All too often both traditional storytellers and the media regard the Hero's Journey as the "one true recipe for a good story." In this well-researched and clearly written book, Dorothy Cleveland and Barbara Schutzgruber prove that there are other kinds of stories that are just as essential to the human experience: Tales of survival and transformation that we may encounter at any point in our lives. With deep knowledge and personal honesty, these two incredible women bring us the Heroine's Journey, tracing its origins and possibilities from the oldest folktales to life in the 21st century. This book is a much needed addition to any storyteller's resource library."
--  Csenge Virág Zalka, storyteller, author of
Tales of Superhuman Powers
Crafting a Heroine?s journey can feel intimidating, this warm and easy read provides a clear and doable starter recipe. Grounded in personal experience, Dorothy and Barbara are trustworthy champions for a feminine story map.
-- Megan Wells, Story Artist
An instructive, fascinating account of the heroine in folk tradition. Beyond the Sword Maiden is a valuable resource of exempla for writers, tale tellers and counselors. The relationship of heroism to events in the modern world is particularly meaningful.
-- Gilbert Cross, co-author of World Folktales

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