Dorothy Cleveland tells folktales and personal stories of strong women and the shadow of life using humor and insight. Since 1995, she has performed, produced storytelling events and workshops, and has served on the board for local and national storytelling organizations.  
Video Recordings
String Things... stories, games and fun! 1995. Storytelling World Award Honor
Trickster Tales from around the world: An interdisciplinary guide for teachers, Barbara G. Schutz-Gruber and Barbara Frates Buckley, BGSG Storytelling, 1991.
 Original adaptation 'Anansi the Spider' included in String Stories - A Creative, Hands-On Approach for Engaging Children in Literature, Belinda Holbrook editor, Linworth Publishing, 2002


Book Illustrator: Andrea Gruber

Web Photos: Helen Ann Lafoy

Dorothy's contact information:

612.730.5798 /

Barbara's Contact Information:

734.761.5118 /

Barbara Schutzgruber is an award-winning storyteller of folktales, ballads and personal stories. Since 1987, she has performed over 3,300 programs in schools, prisons, state parks and festivals and has presented workshops and showcases throughout Michigan, the Midwest, nationally, and internationally. She holds a Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature from Eastern Michigan University.
Audio Recordings
Trickster Tales from around the world, 1991. Parents Choice Gold Award
Voices on the Wind, 1993. American Library Association Notable Recording
still a bit of sugar but even MORE SPICE, 1999. Parents Choice Gold Award
“The Three Coins.” Ladies Night Out, 1999. Storytelling World Award Honor - stories for adults

She has a Masters of Liberal Studies in Leadership through Story from the University of Minnesota. Dorothy also has a businses resume including 45 years of work in the administrative, human resource, finance, and managerial fields focused in legal organizations.